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1) Griefing:

.Griefing is allowed. But you still shouldn't overdo it as staff can and will rollback any completely destroyed builds.

2) Hacking:

We have an anticheat but if staff catch you its simply a ban. This involves XRay resource pack

3) Verbal abuse:

We would like to keep our community non toxic so any verbal abuse to our members will result in a punishment.

4) Disobeying staff:

If you disobey staff in any disrespectful way they have the right to punish you.

6) Red Stone Machines:

We will allow all red stone machines but if the server is lagging we have the right to take away your machine and before you make it you have to make a ticket in our discord so we can confirm its safe to use.

7) Aggressiveness to Non Team members:

We do not allow our members being aggressive to players not in a team

8) Claiming important land:

For example claiming the mines in a huge cave is not allowed. you can "claim" land unofficially as in say you can't come here and if you do you will be killed but don't do /selection in important land areas or the claim will be removed and possibly set to air.

8) Team Griefing:

We do not allow people to grief there own team or leak any important coordinates if we do find this you will be banned and all damage will be restored to the rightful team leader.

9) Repeatedly killing:

We do not allow teams to keep on killing people once you have done your damage leave.

10) No lava casts or any type of ugly/affecting builds within a reasonable distance from claims 

11) Don’t restrict spawn / build near it

Because we will remove it and we’ll build huge projects there

12) No naked killing

Unless it’s for a reasonable cause

13) Don’t bother/annoy others

 Or staff will have to take action

14) Teleport killing or trapping is prohibited

Any attempts will lead to an account wipe or worse, ban.

15) Advertising in public or private chat is prohibited

Any attempts will lead to the advertised service being in our blacklist and the advertisers punished

16) Common sense.

If a rule isn’t stated but is obvious that it shouldn’t be allowed staff still have the upper hand and will punish for it