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Staff Application.


thanks for taking your time to apply here at ragelands,

First things first I would like to point out that u seem to have a lot of experience which is good. I've seen you have staff experience on servers with 20k+ members but, you didn't tell us more about it for example: what have you done there in your time being there. You have told us you have dealt with cheaters but you've told us nothing more than that.

The second thing I'd like to say is how u say u are trustworthy because u know legomaestro, and other famous Youtubers. In my opinion that is not a reason to be trustworthy. You say you know a lot of people and what they can do and that you can develop or that you are learning it but that's all you are telling us.

The last thing I'd like to say is that you are offering us a hosting which we wouldn't need as we have our own hosting.

Overall I'd give this application a 6.5/10.

To know if you got accepted or denied you will have to wait for the owner to respond 

3 months ago
[ACCEPTED] StayLame123 staff app


to be honest this is not the best app I’ve ever seen and u didn’t awnser all questions needed and the rest of the questions were not briefly explained you gave us a 1 to 2 words up to max 1 sentence awnser if it’s on me I would deny your application 

King Regards

6 months ago
Store section "Unabns"

You should change Unabns to Unbans on the Store probaly typed it wrong just saying

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