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04 Sep 2021
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05 Sep 2021


* Timezone: PST
* How long can you spend on the server?:
4 - 16 hours on a weekend, 3 - 8 hours on weekday.

* Do you have any past moderating experience? If so please briefly describe it.:

I've owned many minecraft servers, which one stands out. You might have heard of fake hypixel, but I had to shut it down due to complaints and lawsuit threats from hypixel.

I have been staff on many places, with the biggest one being 24k members, and smallest being 50.

I also own a minecraft hosting, which I am willing to let you use.

* What is your knowledge of RageLands?:
I know it is a minecraft server based in the EU or Middle East. My semi-friend lego maestro told me about the discord in a gc I'm in with him.

I know there are multiple gamemodes, and I'd like to improve the server.

* Do you have a recording System?:

Yes. I use Medal for quick clipping, and obs for recording.

* Describe your contributions at RageLands so far.:
I'm allowing the owner to use my host (8 cores 196 gb ram) and I'm looking for bugs and issues to help fix.

* What is your greatest strength?:
Finding hackers, and finding dupe ips. (Alts based off VPNs.)

* What is your knowledge and experiences with hackers and cheats?:
I, myself used to cheat. I own clients like novoline, vape, and aritosis.

I can easily tell when someone has slight velocity, or even small reach. Noticing headsnaps is easy too. 

My best part about finding cheaters is "Legit-Scaffold"
It's easy to see when people use legit scaffold as the client's algorithm stops working at the edge of a block, or when you aim a pixel off.

* Why do YOU want to apply here at RageLands?:
I like the server, and I'd like to improve it, to be alot better. I also see you are low on staff, especially admins. I seem fit for the job, due to my past experiences. 

I'm also decently good at finding issues in MC Servers, and improving them. I also have contact with alot of plugin developers, which I can contact if the server has any issues.

* What qualities do you have that are useful for moderating developing etc?:
I've created the "Bedwars League" Bot, which was for a discord with 7k.
I also coded the "Professional MC Players" bot which was for a discord with 24k.

I'm working on a bot called "Ratio Bot" which I plan to get verified. I also have very good experience with DiscordSRV, and I have contact with the devs.

On the Minecraft Server topic, I made my first modded MC Server in 2016. I added many plugins and stuff. My most popular server was FakeHypixel, with 150 average players in 2020.

I'm learning to code Spigot, Forge, Paper Mods and Plugins. 

On the topic of discord, 

I've had discord since 2017, and I have been on MANY MANY servers, so I've got alot of knowledge. (staff on 70+ discords total.)
* How can YOU improve the server?:
Get rid of not needed things, such as discord srv for the whole server. I find that pointless, as no big / successful server has that. Also, you've made it notify people when they switch lobbies. That's just annoying, and also pointless.

As I stated previously, I also know alot of people. I'm friends with the developers of Tuinity, Purpur and spigot. I personally use Purpur as it is the most optimized. 

* Why should we trust you?:
I've got 10 mutual friends with Lego Maestro, and I am close with 3 Hypixel YT Ranks. I'm also pretty popular on tiktok, with my main having 6k, and my alt having 13k

I bet you can find many people that know and trust me. I can give you more info on this topic, as it's pretty hard to explain. 

* Maturity on the scale of 1-10:
8 or 9. I goof around near staff, or when it's the proper time to goof off.

* Username:

* Discord Username:
Tameful#7393 (MAIN)
ilyBlur#0003 (ALT)

* Why should we pick you?:

I believe I can improve the server, gain members and help out. and idk why y'all are declining a free offer of 196 gb ram

Give me an example situation of someone breaking the rules and what you would do?:
Depends on what they break.

If they're cheating it's a ban. 

Racist slurs, anything bad, it's a mute

If they're encouraging cheating and such, it's also a ban. 

Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? Or bad experience with staff
I'm currently banned on minemen club, for "cheating". 

I haven't cheated in a while, and I would never cheat on minemen sinceI had media rank there.
I found out they had banned me for my high ping, and refused to unban me because I had been doxed by their media ranked players.

I'm thinking of exposing minemen, cause why not.

* Are you Donator? If so when did you purchase?:
I've purchase MVP, which was free.
I can also do giveaways, as I have gifted 150$ in hypixel ranks, and 300$ in nitro.

* What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them?:

Depends on what they ask. If its something bad, I tend to stay away. If they're under discord's TOS age, then I just ban.

* What position are you willing to apply for? (Mod Helper Admin DIscord Mod etc)

Admin, as it suits me best and I can help out the discord.

ilyBlur · about 1 month ago


05 Mar 2021
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18 Oct 2021




Overall it is good but we need to give you more time you joined yesterday please play for another 1-2 weeks and open a new application overall it is good as i said but we need you to play and know the server better

 -CEO of RageLands Network
  - Ragemalik

RehanM · about 1 month ago


18 Apr 2021
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06 Sep 2021


thanks for taking your time to apply here at ragelands,

First things first I would like to point out that u seem to have a lot of experience which is good. I've seen you have staff experience on servers with 20k+ members but, you didn't tell us more about it for example: what have you done there in your time being there. You have told us you have dealt with cheaters but you've told us nothing more than that.

The second thing I'd like to say is how u say u are trustworthy because u know legomaestro, and other famous Youtubers. In my opinion that is not a reason to be trustworthy. You say you know a lot of people and what they can do and that you can develop or that you are learning it but that's all you are telling us.

The last thing I'd like to say is that you are offering us a hosting which we wouldn't need as we have our own hosting.

Overall I'd give this application a 6.5/10.

To know if you got accepted or denied you will have to wait for the owner to respond 

Manager of RageLands Network
- NoUltra
NoUltra · about 1 month ago

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